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Save on your bill thanks to your friends

Save on your bill thanks to your friends

It's time for your friends to return all those favors you've done for them over the years. In Axarfusion we wanted you to take advantage of them and not only get benefits, but also bring your best friends to a reliable operator with the best performance in the market.

Axarfusion launches this summer, the Friend Plan.

What is Friend Plan?

The Friend Plan is an exclusive offer we have launched so that you can save on your bill. Save 20€ on your fiber optic, mobile, landline, wimax or TV service, if you bring your friend and contract our services.

How can I take advantage of the offer?

Share our offer page with your friends, neighbors and family. Through this link. Give your friends your information (ID number and phone number). From that moment on, they will have to hire Axarfusion's services. At the moment of doing so, you must check the Amigo Plan option and share your data. We will check if you are a current Axarfusion customer.

From that moment on, your friend will start enjoying his new tariff. How about you? You will get a 20€ discount on your next bill.

Benefits of the Friend Plan

Invita a tus amigos y conocidos. We will reduce 20€ on your next bill, after your friend's registration. Save on your bill thanks to the discount applied. It is unlimited, the more you recommend, the more you save. It is very easy and simple to make.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in Friends Plan? Any Axarfusion customer.
Who can I invite to Friend Plan? This offer is accumulative. You can bring up to 5 friends, neighbors or family members with your recommendation.
How can we benefit from the discount? Your friend must sign up for any of the Axarfusion Fiber, WiMAX, Mobile, TV or Fixed line plans through the online channel. Visit our website.
What data does my friend need when hiring? Your friend needs your ID number and your phone number. Remind him to have them on hand when hiring!
At what point will we ask you for your friend's information? Once you contact us, you can check the Friend Plan option. When we call you we will ask you for your friend's information.
How long will it take to receive my discount? Customers who refer friends will receive a discount on their bill for the period in which the services contracted by the friend were activated. They will be reflected in your next invoice.

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