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New 600mb Tariff

New FTTH 600mb Tariff

Many of you have been asking us for a long time about Axarfusion's new tariff. Well, we won't keep you waiting any longer. Axarfusion has 600 megabytes of fiber optic cable.
A new tariff that you can enjoy from today at home. Surf at maximum speed... up to 600 Megas! You will be able to connect several devices at the same time, watch HD TV or streaming videos, play online games, etc. without interruptions and without losing speed.

In Axarfusion we have launched a new offer for all those of you who want to take the leap to maximum speed. Get this service for a single price of 39.99€ per month (VAT included) The price offer is only available in packs with a minimum of 1 unlimited mobile tariff + Axarfusión TV + fixed line.

Unlike other operators, our fiber optic service allows you to contract internet without a telephone line. But if you need one, don't worry, we don't charge you for line rental or maintenance.

Our fiber optic service is getting closer and closer to you. We are a local operator and for us the most important thing is you. That's why we offer you the most attentive and close service nationwide.

Enjoy our own Fiber Optic network and start surfing without depending on third parties. Do you want to hire her? You can get more information here or by calling 951 83 33 33 33

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