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Internet for your summer

This summer, do not stay without internet

We are already in the middle of July and many of us are already looking forward to leave the office to start enjoying our long awaited vacations. A new city to visit, days at the beach or the tranquility of the mountains.

Sometimes this can be a problem, for those who need internet wherever they go. For example, those who enjoy a second vacation home.

Why pay for internet for a whole year in your second home, if you are only going to use it for a few months? Are there any options for those who want internet on vacation? The answer is, YES!

With Axarfusion you will be able to enjoy broadband to the municipalities where it was impossible to bring internet before. Now you can enjoy landline telephone, television and internet connection wherever you are.

With our temporary WiMax tariffs, you will have Internet connection, with the same quality, but with no monthly fee. You will only pay through 7, 15 or 30 day bonuses. So you won't have to worry about paying and not enjoying the service. In addition, enjoy this service without permanence and with no download limit.

Contact us, contract the service and our installers will perform the maintenance service so that you can start surfing without bandwidth drop. It is an ideal service for those who enjoy video games.

Enjoy our own WiMax network and start surfing without relying on third parties. Do you want to hire her? You can get more information here or by calling 951 83 33 33 33

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