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Fiber Optic in Benamargosa

It’s here! Fiber optic reaches the town of Benamargosa. We have not been able to keep the news for later in this blog and as the title of our blog announces, Axarfusion continues to expand its networks and increase its reach.

The main objective of our company is to be able to bring high speed internet to all those places that for geographical reasons are more difficult to reach with cable.

So far we already had rural internet options through our WiMAX service. Where our customers can enjoy landline telephone, television and internet in more rural areas. No download limits, 24h flat rate and no bandwidth downgrade. We also have the option of “Pay As You Go” where our customers can enjoy days of internet with the same quality, without the need for a monthly fee.

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At Axarfusion we work every day to improve the conditions of all our current and future customers. Our aim is to become your trusted local operator. That is why we wanted to reach the town of Benamargosa. Where Axarfusion now offers the best fibre optic and mobile offer you can find locally. So that you always have coverage wherever you are.

We adapt to your needs. Contract only what you need from among our services: Fibre Optic, Mobile, Television and Landline Telephone.

How can you contract Axarfusión?

It is very simple. Just contact us through our contact form, our Whatsapp button, by calling 951 833 333 or if you wish, by visiting our offices, select the service that best suits you and… Done! Find our specialised service in Benamargosa here:

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